We’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking about our values and the way we want to be present and engage with the world around us. The sections “Virtues in Action” and the various parts of “Moral Considerations” act as a compass to show us a bit of the general how and why. Now, we need to think about what’s important to YOU. Why is it important? This has to be soul stirring and strong enough to motivate you to get out of the proverbial bed and get to work. Spend some time here. If you’re sharing life with someone, they need to do this exercise too. And then you also need to think about what’s important to you all as a unit. If you’ve never done something like this, consider the following questions as a springboard. You can jot thoughts down, make a vision board, mind-map it, whatever. But ultimately you want to boil it down to a succinct couple of statements that encapsulate what’s truly, deeply, important to you.

What’s important to me?
What’s important about money, to me?
What’s important to my [partner / spouse / children / ____ ]?
What memories and legacy do I want to leave behind?
What opportunities do I want for myself? For others?
What do I value most in my relationships with others?

This book is a work in progress and we’ll all benefit from your input and collaboration. In the “Leave a Reply” below, please post examples, comments, questions, and needed edits. By posting, you grant permission for inclusion of any content to become part of the book, now or in the future, in whatever form it may take. I’ll give attributions to the extent possible. I know sharing about our financial lives can be sensitive, so if you want to share anonymously, please use the contact form instead and I’ll honor your request.

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