O lifeless one, bereft of heart and soul, 
Come to life, come thou to life!

O slumbering one, wrapt in mire and clay, 
Awake, do thou awake!

O drunken one, so dazed and gone astray, 
Clear thy mind, clear thou thy mind!

The world is filled with sweetest musk; the eyes are brightened with His light; 
    the heavens now are set ablaze.
From life and self be freed, be wholly freed!

Now is the time for sacrifice; here waft the breaths of Paradise; 
   secrets Divine are all made known. 
Lead thou the lovers nigh, lead them nigh!

The sweetly singing mystic bird, upon a verdant cypress bough, 
   imparteth knowledge to the soul; 
Commit His secrets to thy heart! Commit His secrets to thy heart!

– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Light of the World

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